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Manifest Mondays

Hi Y’all! Domenica here again!

I was just thinking about Mondays at Metropolist. I found myself going back and forth about whether it should be Manifest Monday, or if we should go back to calling it Momentum Monday. And then I was thinking about the definition of the word manifest that I heard some woo woo astrologer mention recently.

We hear people talk about it a lot. “Manifest your perfect life!”
I’ve always thought about it as a thing one does with positive thinking and affirmations. Maybe some meditation and visualization for good measure. And many would say it’s all a bunch of BS. At the very least most people, myself included, think it’s kind of woo woo.

But guess what?

The actual definition according to Merriam-Webster is this:

“To make evident or certain by showing or displaying.”

Turns out, to manifest is not just wishing real hard. It has nothing to do with trusting the Universe, God or whatever your thing is (although I would argue this is important). And not soaking in the frequency of the crystals on your alter (I totally resemble this comment).

Whoa, I was wrong all along…

To manifest is to SHOW and DISPLAY what it is that you want!!!!
I find this so affirming and empowering. It means it’s not some unknown magical outside force.
It’s something I can DO!!! DOING feels good!

You know what you can do to SHOW and DISPLAY that you are going where you want to go in your business?
SHOW UP FOR MANIFEST MONDAY at the office this coming Monday at 10am. And STAY even if you feel resistance. Even if you have a little voice that says “meh, I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “Ugh, I don’t want to admit I didn’t do anything last week”, or even worse… “I’m busy and don’t have time”.

What we know is that what you are doing today will directly effect what is happening in your business 90 days from now. Think about it. How robust is your business right now? Think back on what you were doing 90 days ago. Were you working diligently? Were you in flow with your clients? Were you playing and pushing work to the back burner? I know I did not have my eye on the prize during the sunny month of July. And it shows….

So now is your chance to SHOW and DISPLAY that you are on track with your business by:

  • Reflecting on last week
  • Setting targets for this week
  • Practicing sales skills
  • Learning about contracts
  • Connecting with colleagues

I don’t care if you think it’s God, the Universe, or your reticular activator. Ain’t nobody giving you what you didn’t ACTIVELY participate in creating.

You have to show that you are actually DOING the thing in order for the thing to become what you want it to become. Remember ACTIVITY BREEDS ACTIVITY. Sitting at home, walking your dog, surfing the internet, hiding from the fact that you feel overwhelmed or lost, all of this just manifests more of itself.

If you know me, you know it’s coming…
And if your office doesn’t have a Manifest Monday don’t hesitate to visit us (if you come into the office you’ll hear the whole word).
Hope to see you at the next Manifest Monday.