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Online or In-person Clock Hour Classes… Which Is Best?

Online real estate clock hour classes are wayyyy different from live, social ones.

Sure, both can get the job done, in terms of getting the required clock hours for your maintaining your license.

Consider taking these few elements into consideration as you’re planning your real estate education.

This happens to everyone

No matter how little or how long you have been in this industry, chances are good you’ve had wonderful chance to be almost to your renewal date and suddenly realizing you need a few more clock hours. Ugh.

So, you jump online and painfully get through the needed classes just in the nick of time to be able to turn in those hours and continue to legally practice real estate.  It isn’t a great experience, and you probably haven’t retained much of the content either.

This kind of online clock hour option is certainly a step down from an all-nighter of cramming for finals in college.  But it probably isn’t what the state had in mind for keeping the broker population educated and relevant.

Is it worth the mind-numbing boredom? Are you really getting anything out of that class that will help your business?

What if it were…fun? Unboring?

What if you received new, relevant actionable bonafide education in a social, yet casual, atmosphere with colleagues around you who “get it”? Meaning, they get you, your business, your local market, and all its changes.

Perhaps a few in-person clock hour classes would be a great way to add real education and interest to your business?

Jennifer Nelson, co-founder of the Learning Lab shares, “I certainly do believe that my attention to the subject matter is greatly increased when I am in a class with others vs. moving a mouse on a computer. Plus, there’s the bonus of being around and learning from other brokers as well. We all benefit from the cross-pollination of knowledge, from hearing other points of view on the subject and from having real-time discussions. Not to mention, the chance to meet brokers who you might someday be in a transaction with, and having met them in person, will only increase your chances of winning for your client.”

The list goes on for the benefits of in-person clock hour classes but we will give the last minute “uh-oh, I need 3 more hours” to the midnight on-line classes.  They too have a place and fulfill a need.

How about instead of cramming and being stressed, you incorporate this simple plan?

Sign up for the clock hour classes you need at the beginning of your year, get them on your calendar, then actually enjoy your classes: be both present and social, while learning.

Consider the Learning Lab, Seattle’s newest real estate school

We would be remiss not to mention the Learning Lab and the line up of unboring Seattle clock hour real estate classes.  Classes are available to one and all! Let’s get together and learn together.

Check it out and hope to see you in person soon!