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Innovating the Real Estate Clock Hour Class: Announcing PopLAB

A 1-hour, unboring real estate class, 3x/year = 3 clock hours

Time is of the essence… all the time.

You may have kids, a business to run, relationships to grow and maintain, a million chores and tasks. There just isn’t a ton of extra time.

And as alluring as an excellent 3-hour clock hour class might be, it’s just not always easy or convenient for you to carve that chunk of time out of your schedule in order to attend a long class.

Enter PopLAB!

Because it’s far easier to find 1 hour in a day than it is to find 3.

Here’s how it works:

  • 3 separate, 1-hour, clock hour classes are scheduled in advance.
  • You attend each of the 3 classes and receive your certificate at the end of the 3rd one in October.
  • This year, we’ve created super concise content related to seasonal trends in Seattle real estate, so you can earn 3 clock hourshours over time.

Here are the dates & topics for the 2018 PopLAB Series

  • Feb 27: Pre-Spring Market
  • Jun 19: Hot Summer Season
  • Oct 2: Fall Forecast

On earning the certificate

  • Register in advance.
  • Attend each 1-hour class.
  • Receive your certificate at the end of the Oct 2 class.
  • Easy.


Our goal at the Learning Lab, Seattle’s newest real estate school, is to provide relevant unboring education, from brokers to brokers, in a timely fashion, so all of us can up our game in our field.

Easy to earn. Easy to attend.

Join us for the 2018 PopLAB series! Register now.

(all clock hours are free for Metropolist brokers)