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Mastery & Taking Your Real Estate Career to the Next Level

There’s a short document that we, as a firm, review each week. Penned by best-selling author, speaker and educator Stewart Emery, we’ll share in this post what it is, but also HOW we use it to maximize results regarding focus, culture and collaboration throughout the team. Here we go:

First off, this extraordinary brief essay – almost a statement, really – can serve in multiple capacities: professional, personal, relational, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Leaders utilize Emery’s work to bolster and inspire themselves, but also those around them.

How we use it is different
More often than not, we begin our weekly meetings with this document but we don’t just make it available for everyone to read.

That would be boring. And really quiet. And we might as well have done that at home with another cup of coffee.

We have one person, a different one each week, read it.
Out loud.
To everyone.

We do this as a group to get on the same page, into similar mindsets, and so each broker can apply this teaching to their own business (and personal lives too, if they choose).

The benefits:

  • There’s a cohesiveness & camaraderie that happens when we actively listen to this same document each week together.
  • We’re prepared for the week: focused on business and achievement.
  • We each hear something different with each reading. Usually we hear whatever we really need to hear.
  • We get to experience the message on a different level when we hear it together.
  • Emery’s work is in complete alignment with our Code of Ethics (scroll to the bottom to see the Code). So, the fit is right, for our firm and for our team.
  • It feels different to hear it out loud, with others in the industry we know, like and trust. People who get what we do. And understand like no one else can.

Real estate, both commercial and residential, can feel isolated much of the time.

Being with like-minded people in a space where being heard matters. The support and understanding is HUGE.

What we’ve found
Developing a regular mindset reflection and weekly kickoff / group activity makes a positive difference in the office dynamics as well. In our collaboration, in our approach and in our firm’s culture.

See & hear for yourself
You’re invited to hear and feel the difference with us in the Learning Lab each Tuesday morning at 10am.
The coffee and breakfast burritos are on us, just let us know you’re coming.