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On Being Remarkable in Real Estate

What’s another word for “remarkable”?

Perhaps, “memorable?”

The term “remarkable” is a funny word since it can go both ways.

We remark when something is great and we also remark when something is… not great.
Being average is not remarkable.

When you demonstrate being remarkable with your clients, (while they are surrounded by average), you will stand out. This distinction will be the difference between you having a career that pays you well and having a job.

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Just for fun…

If I asked a few of your clients if you were remarkable, what would they say?  Would they have positive remarks to make?

What do you do with or for them that makes you stand out?

Remarkable actions

You don’t have to go spend a lot of money; doing that actually brings your business closer to average.

The broker who thinks that giving a discount on their commissions is remarkable is sorely disappointed when they find out it was hardly noticed.

What about a big gift at closing? Giving a grandiose closing gift is often more about you. Can you see that?

Make every gift remarkable by adding this

You may absolutely enjoy spending a little coin on your clients. There’s nothing wrong with that. Bring remarkability with this key ingredient: thoughtfulness.

How can you incorporate thoughtfulness, specificity and demonstrate that you’ve been listening to them and know who they are, and what they want for themselves?

Let’s say that one of your clients wants the experience of owning a Porsche. You remember this key detail, see a  tiny play car Porsche, pick it up and give it to them as part of a closing gift with a message sharing that you hope the Porsche is their next dream-come-true.

Your cost for the toy is what? $3.99?

But the fact that you remember the details of their dreams? That, my dear fellow broker, that is remarkable.

When you remember that they are having surgery and sending them a meal as they recover will never be forgotten.

How can you incorporate thoughtfulness today?

Are you ready for the positive flow of relationships and business that come with being remarkable today?

Up your broker game

There are a million ways to level up your real estate business. Two easy ways are via regular education.

We hold weekly Skills and Contracts classes, and also offer unboring, in person clock hour classes in the Learning Lab, Seattle’s unboring real estate school. Review the schedules, see what works, show up and then we’ll all level up together!