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Reset and Recharge Your Real Estate Power Cycle

What does “rebooting” look like for your real estate practice?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re on the phone with some technology service person, (cable, phone, computer, just pick one). It may be your child if you’ve got a teen who knows more than you do about the device and trouble at hand…

And what do they say?

Invariably, it’s “Have you tried to unplug it?”  Or, “Have you rebooted it?” (Meaning, turned it off, then back on after 10 seconds).

When you get this question, do you usually feel like reaching through the phone to strangle them?

Of course, you haven’t unplugged or rebooted!

And yet, do you resist?

Probably not with your phone or computer, but you may resist taking a break for yourself.

Anne Lamott, author and inspirational speaker, is known to have said, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

So why do we resist taking time to unplug?

Why don’t we schedule into our lives the time to renew?

What if we took good timely breaks throughout the year?

Short breaks work too

We all perform better when we step away, move our bodies and have the chance to think differently about things.  This is just as true for brokers as it is for, say, students, artists, owners, as well as those who have j.o.b.s.

How are you building in time to not do real estate?

Are you so married to your phone you can’t leave it for very long?

What if the chances of you making more money and be happier would increase, by a lot, if you did?

Schedule time

How can you schedule break time?

What activities renew you?

Get them scheduled and guard them with your life …because they truly are life-giving.

What else about you and your real estate biz?

If you’ve got obstacles or challenges in your mindset or real estate business, maybe it’s time to talk with new people, about new ideas that are proven to work?

Join us for a clock hour class, or a weekly Skills or Contracts class to experience new perspectives in a collaborative environment.