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Year in Review: 2016 Learning Lab

Oh 2016.
You were definitely ….unboring.

We’ll go that far.

A big part of the positive unboring-ness that happened here in the Learning Lab in 2016, is actually YOU! You, the ready-to-connect, learn and grow your business! You, the real estate brokers who came to learn with us at our first full year of clock hour classes!

Thank YOU for bringing us into your 2016. Let’s take a quick scroll back through the year & share-case a few of the highlights.

Well attended and social with lots of fun & great ideas. Plus lunch and street parking! (awwwwyeahhhh).
You made it so worth it!

Real estate professionals from all over the Greater Seattle area checked in, got the hours required. Plus, new skills and info to help achieve better results, understand the process better, save time and money while learning and managing a usually over-full schedule.

One thing that was mentioned several times, in person and in the evaluations, was how fun it was to meet with other agents to learn in a class together. Y’gotta admit, we real estate people are charming! We’re fun. We’re problem solvers ….and in these clock hour classes, we’re also generous in sharing our experiences.

For example
Kelly Deen Morse stepped up with great tips – and handouts! – as a guest presenter at the Making Money at Open Houses class in the Spring. She’s gotten a lot of business by doing exactly what she shared in the class.
Weren’t you the smartest ever to attend?

The power of the Pit
There was definitely a swarm on the low amount of inventory at the beginning of the year. And our panel of professionals discussed it and shared valuable experiences and ideas at the Multi-Offer Mayhem class!
The panelists were from all different firms and offices around Seattle.

And we’re definitely grateful to all of the participants for stepping into a bit of a leadership position on the panel.

Less pain, more punch
Another well-attended and fun class was the ad writing class in September. We brought in a couple of local professionals: a marketer and a copywriter and we all worked on listings together. Some of them were even live listings.

We laughed, we cried… we mostly laughed until we cried… and talked about why a good listing is more than just a vomitorium of the number of beds and baths. We talked about benefits, not features. And everyone improved their skill set around this critical skill.

Big finish
Well, it’s not Learning Lab specific, but we definitely believe that giving back matters. As 2016 draws to a close, we give genuine thanks for you, for those you love and for those you support.

Giving back matters
We’ll be offering an opportunity to Give & Go through the end of the year. Our goal is to raise 10k to be split equally to each of the 5 selected nonprofits and we’re more than halfway there!

These are our featured partners

Planned Parenthood

Southern Poverty Law Center

Pride Foundation

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Standing Rock

Special thanks to our fiscal sponsor: Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association

Our promise & that’s a wrap!
As we continue to learn, continue to grow…we’ll also continue to give.

So, ta-ta 2016 and …..

Welcome 2017.
Brand new, fresh, full of opportunities, excitement…  and a whole new schedule of clock hour classes!