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Rock the Metropolist Casbah for Westside Baby: Sept 22

You’re sure to get into the groove at Westside Baby’s Cocktail Benefit this month. Oh yes, it’s 80’s Night and the feeling’s right.

Oh yes it’s 80’s Night, oh what a night!

Slip on those jelly bracelets & acid wash jeans and get down to Metropolist on Sept 22!

Livin’ on a Prayer

westside baby and metropolist party with a purpose eventCan you imagine what a parent must go through when there aren’t enough diapers in the home? What must that be like to have to time and measure out when diaper changing could happen for their baby due to limited resources?

This is what happens in thousands of families right now throughout King County. These are the families Westside Baby serves by working with more than 114 social service agencies to provide essential diapers, clothing and equipment to babies and children in need.

Keep local babies safe, warm and dry by supporting Westside Baby at their Cocktail Benefit and our party on …with a purpose.

So, Let’s Dance!

This will be THE 80’s party of the year! Right here! Upbeat and fun, this is a don’t-miss, feel-good party!

  • Live Music? Yassss! Jared B Mitchell Music will be amping sounds at the beginning.
  • DJ? Yes, indeed. Keepin’ it danceable so Everybody (Has) Fun Tonight, solid sound & AV by Sound Factory.
  • 80s make up/style/ “excessorize” bar with Amber Bray ? Like, totally.
  • Photo Booth? Fershure.
  • Giant Plinko game? Check.
  • With prizes? Of course!
  • Trivia game…with prizes? You know it.
  • Pay-to-Play Jukebox so you’re sure to hear one of your faves? Absolutely.

Westside Baby and Metropolist party with a purpose event

No dial up, no cash and No Jacket Required

Breathe easy. We’re not subscribing to 80’s technology at this event.

Just use your scannable badge for the raise the paddle, auction items and extra activities & goodies.

What Else, With or Without You?

  • 3 local bars are Jumping in with signature cocktails for the evening. You’re sipping services are needed, as are your votes to pick a winner!
  • Eats? Skillet’s food truck will be pulling up to do the catering.
  • Sweets? Yes, indeed, we’re putting up a Sweets Bar for all.
  • A short program, a live auction with the warm and friendly Ian Lindsay = LOADS of fun!

The Westside Baby Cocktail Benefit is ON. It’ll be more fun with you, so definitely plan to come. General admission tickets are $45, or bring your Brat Pack (of 10+).

All Night Long?

This is going to be a relatively quick dance bash & benefit.
7:30 – 10:30pm, but it still totally, like ohmigod, counts as datenight.

And hey, just an idea for a big 80’s finish here…maybe your after party includes sharing a birthday cake with a hottie on top of your dining room table…just sayin’

Westside Baby and Metropolist event

Get out from Under Pressure in 3 steps

  1. Call a babysitter now and ensure your evening out!
  2. Get your tickets!
  3. Square your wear…& don’t forget your flair! Be sure to arrive Back in Time (no DeLorean required) in your best 80’s Chic on Sept 22 at Metropolist.

Can’t wait to Party with a Purpose with you and Westside Baby! #focusontheGOODs