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Seattle Real Estate Brokers “Panel Up” for The Pit

Brokers from multiple firms throughout the Seattle area gather to collaborate and strategize on key business aspects happening in our local market now. Right now.

Business-impact for brokers?
Your ROI in attending this class comes in the form of multiple expert insights, experience and problem solving examples on a topic that was voted “most wanted” for discussion…plus a score of 3 unboring, highly engaging clock hours.

Why are these experts willing to meet, share & talk candidly in this highly competitive business?

Because Collaboration Matters.

Working as an advocate for buyers & sellers in real estate can be as satisfying and life affirming as it can be baffling and lonely. Even for brokers & managing brokers who have been in this business awhile.

From experience

Mixing with like-minded brokers in the field can be truly inspiring.

It’s like a wake-up call to be in a new environment, with people you don’t see or work with every day, gaining new insights and tools for professional development that also benefits you personally. A few hours is also enough to feel like you’ve gotten away, gained some value and perhaps even shared some of your own experience.

By hearing someone else’s insights, you inform your business and yourself in your own practice. Clock hour classes like The Pit are an effective way to work on your business, not just in it. Developing your business and yourself for better work and more success among your peers.

Speaking of fellow brokers…

You’re in the same city, working the same properties…chances are, you may be working with some of the brokers in your clock hour classes on a transaction.

Why not meet now? Why not share your experience and ask your questions now?

In a classroom setting, where you’re not expected to have all the answers.

Sure, every broker could be viewed as “the competition”.

But is that frame of mind really going to help you when you need to work together in a transaction in the future?

You can be a professional and a valuable resource in a very competitive city and industry, with your fellow brokers, both in and out of office, as well as your clients.

It’s just a question of how you want to build not only your business, but also your reputation. And that is completely up to you. Right?

So, start now. You and your fellow Seattle-area brokers can begin a professional acquaintance – pre-transaction – in a social, unboring clock hour class at The Learning Lab.

Because education, in addition to collaboration, matters.

Don’t miss The Pit– a collective and collaborative conversation about the business of being a broker in today’s hot real estate market.

Special thanks to our panel of industry experts:

Albert Clark, NWG Real Estate

Aaron Janus, Re/Max

Rosemary Pham, Keller Williams

David Warren, Metropolist

Kelly Zuger, Keller Williams


The Pit: A 3-Hour Unboring Clock Hour Class

Wednesday, May 17th

10 am – 1 pm (Lunch included)

At The Learning Lab

2931 1st Ave S., Ste A, Seattle, WA 98134


And lunch?


It’s included in classes at the Learning Lab.



(And always free for Metropolists)


Register for The Pit now & join the conversation