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Spring Pop-by Ideas

Activating the Spring pop-by: part marketing, part thoughtful check-in, part business builder.

If you are a Metropolist broker you know all about pop-bys.  If you are a Buffini follower, you too are well versed in the idea of the pop-by.

What is a pop-by?

Simply. It’s a quick visit.

It’s exactly what it sounds like, you literally “just pop by” a clients house, unannounced, to say a quick hello or drop off a small gift.

Stay with me now

They aren’t meant to startle your clients or make them feel pressure to invite you in. Not at all. You will absolutely stay outside and just say you were thinking of them, hand them a small gift and be on your way with a wave.

Spring small gift suggestions

In the spirit of Springtime, I would suggest hitting the dollar store, getting some small $1 gifts that you like and make a plan to hand deliver them to your top clients.

  • Small garden tools like hand rakes, or gardening gloves
  • Seed packets, make sure it’s something to plant during spring months
  • Starter veggies for planting: greens, lettuces, even strawberry starter plants would be fun! (These are often available at Fred Meyer or garden centers too)
  • BBQ tools or even a bottle of your favorite sauce to share with them

There are a lot of “foodies” in Seattle

  • Do you love cooking or baking? Share out a large batch of something you adore making (and eating.) Split it up so clients receive something small to try and taste.
  • Do have a favorite marinade or vinaigrette you love to shake up? Grab a case of small mason jars and get mixing.

Choose something seasonal, something fun. Attach copies of the recipes, so they can re-create it themselves if they really love what you’ve shared.

Say thank you

Make a small note and thank them for being such supporters of your business and wish them well.

Also, make a list of your top referring clients, those you have just sold homes to and anyone else who stands out as a potential referral-maker and plan to pop-by their homes as well.

It’s not “too much”

It may seem like an overwhelming task now, but the reality is, when planned with time and care, this is a 3- to 4-hour commitment that goes a long way.

Imagine how you might feel when a friendly face shows up at your door, presents you with a little something and is off like a shot. Pretty sweet, right?

Just do it.

Pop-bys will increase your business and continue to make connections with your clients.

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