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Top brokers know how to CELEBRATE!


Celebration is a cornerstone of any successful real estate broker’s business. Celebrating client wins, celebrating client’s important moments in life and most very successful brokers also take the time to throw annual or quarterly celebrations to thank their loyal clients, past, present and future.

But all that can be expensive! Especially the client appreciation celebrations. A good party can cost anywhere from $2000-$6000, involves a TON of planning and lots of time and elbow grease to pull it all together on the day of the event. Many brokers love the idea but are overwhelmed by the idea of managing all those details, not to mention shelling out that kind of dough; and so they just skip it year after year and miss out on one of the most effective ways to grow a thriving real estate business.

At Metropolist we take the overwhelm and the cost out of the mix and leave our brokers to focus completely on their wonderful clients. We throw 4 great anchor client celebrations every year in our beautiful event space. We collaborate with brokers to absorb the cost of the venue, entertainment,  refreshments & even professional photography by our dear friends Diwas Photography; leaving the brokers with nothing to do but invite, follow up, celebrate and then thank their best and favorite people. Our brokers report multiple referrals at or immediately following our events, deepen their relationships and most of all have a grand ole time.

If you are curious what that could look like for your business take a peak at some snaps from our annual Pie Parties past. The Pie Party is our favorite event each year. We enjoy spreading good cheer and gratitude amongst our peeps, sharing in celebration of the beginning of the holiday season. We invite folks to come enjoy  music and refreshments, maybe take a photo for their holiday card and leave with a huge pie for their Thanksgiving table.

If you want to try it on for size then please join us on November 20th between 4-8pm for some bites, beverages and of course, PIE! If you RSVP and bring your business card we will even give you a pumpkin pie for your holiday dinner.

Cheers and happy CELEBRATING!