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Tracking Construction with Seattle in Progress

Lately we are loving this interactive map tool!

It seems like you can’t go anywhere in Seattle without seeing a new Land Use Action sign or two. Do you read them?

Those black and white signs seem to be in code and don’t really tell us what we want to know. At least not in an understandable language. Then, there’s the non-existent follow up after the initial curiosity wears off. But what’s actually happening here in Seattle?

Onward & upward

As you may remember from the first issue of the Metropolist Magazine, Seattle had more cranes than any other US city as of July of this year.
The Seattle Times placed us at 7th in the nation for new construction projects earlier this year, with just a little more than twenty-five thousand housing permits at the time of the article.

This is where one of our new favorite websites comes in…

Seattle in Progress is an interactive map of all things construction in our area. You can choose “Applied,” “Approved” and/or “Completed in the Last Year” and gain loads of insight into the way our city is shaping up.

Or, if you are like many folks here at Metropolist, you can just troll around the map and click on areas that interest you. Here are some of the questions we muse about when we’re on that site:

  • What’s happening in SODO?
  • What’s going on with that terrible tear down in my neighborhood?
  • Ooh! I wonder if there is going to be a great new business on that empty corner? 

Whether you are interested in data mining for whatever reason, or simply an inquiring mind, it’s worth checking out.

Ever want to have a chat about how our city is changing and how that continues to affect property values? We’re always game! And please, keep us posted if you see something interesting coming up in your neighborhood too!