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Your Real Estate Practice: Hobby or Business?

Your goals and motivation make all the difference in your real estate business.

A good question was once asked of a broker:  Are you running your real estate practice like a hobby or business?

Because you will be paid accordingly.

Oh wow! Does that insight do anything for you? Your nervous system? Your emotions? Your mindset?

Read on!

Do you want to have a good solid income? Then you’ll want to plan and work to that goal. You’ll want to take your efforts, education and practice seriously. And even celebrate your achievements, milestones and wins of all sizes.

Are you complaining that you aren’t making enough money?

Could it be that you are working real estate as more of a hobby?

Step it up and ask yourself the question, “Would I hire me today?”

Are you building your days and structuring your time m I a working professional that deserves to be paid for his/her work?  Is my time investment going toward making me a great living or am I doing the easy stuff and then not hitting my goals.

Hobby or business, you decide.

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