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Real Estate Marketing: Consider Popping By With a “Mandle”

How to stand apart in real estate with a simple but singular gift.

Jennifer Nelson, co-founder of Metropolist, shares a story about a recent visit and a fun twist on a simple gift. Review this quick post for a fun idea that you can use too.

jennifer nelson metropolistYou might be asking yourself, “what is a mandle?” 

I’ll get to that in just a sec.

I recently had an hour before I had to be somewhere else and decided to do 4 pop-bys in that short window.

What’s a pop-by again?

If you remember, pop-bys are unannounced stop-ins to your clients. You may or may not see them at their home but you’ll take a selfie in front of their house saying hi and telling them you stopped by.

Usually, and for best results, you’ll bring a little something to let them know they’ve been on your mind.

Small, thoughtful gift?


Fortunately, I had 4 candles in my car that I could easily drop off at each client’s house when I popped by.  So I did just that.  I drove to 4 different clients’ homes and everyone was still at work. So I took a selfie at each location with me by their front door, holding the candle.

I then messaged them with the photo saying I stopped by and left them a little candle with a “sorry to have missed you”.

For my single-man client, I told him in the text message that the candle was unscented, so it was kind of a “man candle”.

He responded with this: “So you are giving me a “MANDLE”.


Loved it.

We got to have a laugh in reconnecting.

And now you know what a “mandle” is, but hopefully, and more importantly, you will be encouraged to do the small little things to remind your clients you are thinking of them.

Could you use a few other ideas for small thoughtful gifts for your pop-bys? Here are a few good ones for Spring and Summer. Let your clients know you appreciate them and that they are on your mind.

Now go and hand out some mandles and watch the positive response flow in from your clients.

Get creative! Have fun!